Thursday, 26 June 2014

Book: Monsieur de Brillancourt by Clare Harkness

Monsieur de Brillancourt lives alone in his chateau in the Ardèche. Never having maried, the only thing he thinks is missinf in his life is children. When he rents out a part of his chateau to his niece's friend, and English woman, Elizabeth, and her three children, Monsieur de Brillancourt is happy to hear children's voices shouting out through his grounds. But little did he expect the effect that the children's mother would have on him, and for the first time in 69 years, he learns what love is.

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My Grandma lent me this book saying that she thought I would enjoy it. If I'm honest I'm not really sure of my feelings about it, it seems to me as if there is a lot of book for very little substance. Though saying that it isn't actually a long book either.

The main story is about unrequainted love basically, so if you do choose to read it then don't do so expecting a grand love story or tons of adventure, because you just won't get it. There are some wonderful descriptions of the mountain scenery though, and I learnt some interesting facts about aphids that I didn't know before...

One thing that I did notice that has the potential to put people off is the use of French. It took me a while to notice because I just read the French as another part of the text (there are advantages to nearly being bilingual!) but when I picked up on it I was shocked by the amount of French words that were used. Its not as simply as the occasional Bonjour, in fact there were some sentences and tenses that could only be confidentially read by an active French user. I know some people don't mind it (with French I don't as I mentioned above), but I also know that some people do.

I'm not sure what it is about this book but ultimately I'm just not sure it is my style or sort of plotline to read.

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