Monday, 2 June 2014

Book: Her Royal Masquerade by Natasha Moore

I received a copy of Her Royal Masquerade from Netgalley in exchange for my review.

Mia has often stood in for her cousin, Birgitte, to allow the Princess to live her own life, but this time things are different. At a ball she meets the Crown Prince of Mezzano, Vittorio, and the passion between them is so intense that it takes them to bed. Waking alone in the morning, Vittorio is determined to carry on with his plan of marrying Princess Birgitte, but when he finds that Mia is the woman he met he is furious. Sending his men to all but kidnap Mia, he demands that she is to become his mistress, and they both secretly decide to distance themselves, knowing the law of Mezzano would not permit them to marry. But they both quickly learn that saying and doing are two different things, and that love tends to ignore logic.

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I loved this book, there was passion, love, betrayal and drama...not forgetting that the royalty in it made this into a modern fairy tale. I especially liked the fact that it was modern royalty as most of the books surrounding Princes and Princesses take place in the past, whereas this one allowed for the more difficult issues of party princesses and playboy princes.

Saying that I never at any point got the idea that Vittorio was a bad boy Prince. Yes he got angry. And yes technically he arranged to kidnap Mia (twice though she didn't really mind either time) but he also came across as caring and loving, towards his family and towards Mia, and that he really understood people.

Mia kind of had two personalities. Well she didn't, she had when she was acting like Birgitte, which made her more confident and lofty, but then she had how she was as herself, which is the personality which was better. She was feisty, smart and sarcastic, and didn't let a man tell her what to do, even if that man was a Prince. I liked that she was able to be a strong woman and a woman for a man at the same time.

There were also several side characters, that though not completely rolled out, did intrigue me, and in future books I hope to see more of them! This was a great romantic read!

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