Saturday, 28 June 2014

Book: Fifty Shades of Gangrene by Bailey Simms

I received a copy of Fifty Shades of Gangrene in exchange for my review.

Ashley's life seemed normal until she woke up in a motel with absolutely no clue what happened the night before, other than the vague idea that she had sex. Going over the events of the night before, she recalls the dead body that she helped move at the high school, and spending the night at a bar with her best friend, a country singer and her brother-in-law.

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I thought that Fifty Shades of Gangrenewas an interesting start to a serial, there were several mysteries presented, including what Ashley did that night and who killed the dead body that she helped move.

I liked that the characters seemed like normal people, even after the dead body incident, and seemed to have normal interactions with each other, whether the relationship was between the characters was a friendship, marriage or family relationship.

I am particularly intrigued by Ian, especially after Ashley's ending comments, and because he is Ashley's sister, Danielle's husband. There seems to be something not quite right about him, nor between the two of them.

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