Sunday, 1 June 2014

Book: The Beginning by Emma Jaye

I received a copy of The Beginning in exchange for my review.

Sasha's boyfriend Micheal is controlling, of her, of her finances and of her whole life. He even disapproves of Sasha's one vice, buying sexy underwear. When Sasha's friend Missy's brother takes her for dinner and questions her whole relationship, she begins to question it herself. After deciding that a surprise visit will solve their problems, she discovers the truth behind their relationship. Returning to university, she decides that she needs an education, and that the best person to teach her would be Missy's brother, Max.

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This book answers one of the questions that I've really wanted to know the answer to; how is it that people end up working as sex workers. Obviously it isn't the same for everyone, but I thought that this gave an interesting insight. More than that, Sasha's story was believable and her reasons were extremely understandable.

With a series name like Call Girls I could understand if some readers were put off by the idea of a lot of sex in the book, and yes there is sex, and it isn't just straight forward sex, but there is also more to it. Before diving into anything, Max makes sure that Sasha is okay with everything in a kind of sweet way which made me wonder why he was doing it. But also there was plenty of background, namely into Sasha's relationship with Michael.

This was only a short novella, but it definitely has me interested in the rest of the series. Its clear that none of the stories are black and white, and that there are many layers. And in some cases, aka Max's case, I really want some of those layers to be pealed back.

Also, this is a really silly thing, but it was great reading something written by a fellow British author in it (and I could tell!),

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