Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Book: Bait by Annie Nicholas

I received a copy of Bait from Netgalley in exchange for my review.

Connie is part of a vampire slaying team, and the most dangerous part; she is the bait. With the team in Budapest, Connie's job is to lure the city's overlord, Rurik to his death, but despite knowing that he is probably guilty of something, Connie can't help but believe that he is innocent, and goes out of her way to protect him. Other people have other ideas, including Tane, and he is going to use Connie, Colby and the rest of their team to fulfill his plans.

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I got so into Bait that I've already started book 2 of the series, Catch, though that shouldn't surprise me because I've already read another book by the same author (No Refuge) and loved that too!

Connie was a very complex character, on the outside she looked like a strong female lead, but then when you actually look at it, she could just be considered to be reckless. But saying that, she is smart and resourceful, but she isn't all powerful. She doesn't actually know how to fight, and it is only part way into the book that she begins to question orders.

What I found quite refreshing about Bait was that the Vampires retained quite a few classic traits, they don't drain their victims and they aren't inherently evil like Dracula, but they can't go out in the sunlight and the only ways to kill them are beheading, burning and staking. So often now vampire's aren't so restricted.

I thought that Bait had the perfect balance between the romance with Connie and Rurik, and the action packed events that happened in the book, there was quite a bit of political maneuvering too, all of which helped to create a fast pace and enjoyable read!

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