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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Riveting His Attention by May Williams

I received a copy of Riveting His Attention in exchange for my review.

Ella is determined that she will marry Jim Ferguson, the kisses that they've shared leaving her no doubt that they are made for one another. But Jim keeps finding reasons to push Ella away, their difference in class, his past and his current secret project for the Royal Navy among them. Ella won't give up without a fight, and puts all her effort into winning Jim over, and when the classic plan of making a man jealous doesn't work she has to resort to more imaginative means.

I do enjoy a good regency romance, though this was one with far more substance than the normal story arcs that you get. You do have the somewhat classic gentry-commoner love, but Ella is far from the delicate flower that most regency heroines are. I've said many times that I've liked strong female characters, and Ella is no exception, except that as well as being a strong female character, she was fiercely independent and wanted to be useful, not just to the men in her life but to herself as well. There was also more depth to Jim, particularly relating to the Navy contract and the steam ship that he was building.

The more complicated plot arc did mean that there was a more pronounced 'baddie' than many romances have (in regency that tends to be someone looking to marry for money, or trying to soil the heroine to force her to marry him) and I must admit that I really enjoyed disliking Lord Spencer. At first I didn't think he was much of a threat, but the author slowly had her characters reveal things about him, and him reveal things about himself, that changed that view, and the Spencer at the end is very different from the Spencer at the beginning.

Something that also struck me as different to other Regency romances was the introduction of physical action scenes. Because Riveting His Attention wasn't just set in the ball rooms traditionally associated with the genre, but instead around shops and even a working dock, it meant that the characters became more involved in physical events, which led to a particularly dramatic and exciting ending!

I really enjoyed Riveting His Attention and if you're looking for a Regency Romance with a difference then this is the book for you!

Historical Romance
Date Published: March 17, 2014

Lady Ella Harwich is capricious. At least that’s what her older brother thinks. However, when it comes to Jim Ferguson, Lady Ella is quite serious. One long, lingering kiss put Jim at the center of her romantic desires and at the top of her list of suitors. And she plans to keep him there. Unfortunately, Jim wants off her list because of a secret past, a career as a shipbuilder instead of a gentleman, and his own inability to resist her. Proving her love—and his worthiness for her love—is Ella’s only way to rivet his attention.

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May Williams

May loves romance. Big pink roses, chocolate hearts, sunset walks, but, most of all, she loves romance novels. She’s been reading romances since she first discovered the public library where the librarians didn't notice or didn't care what she was checking out even though she hadn't hit puberty yet.
Since then, May has continued to read every genre of romance, but she writes mostly historical. Places and time periods have stories to tell. And she likes to listen. Her most recent novels are Victorian era pieces where she can imagine beautiful gowns and elegant teas.

When May’s not writing, she manages a houseful of children, pets, and flowers grown in her garden.

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