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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Life's What You Make It by Thresa Troutman

I received a copy of Life's What You Make It in exchange for my review.

Sebastian Irons' life is out of control, at only 17 he's out partying, drinking, doing drugs and womanizing to the best of his ability. But when he flunks out of Eton, and his friend Colin dies at his home his mother has enough and banishes him to America where he meets the understated and intelligent Tess, who helps him change his life around and become the man he can be rather than the man that he was.

Firstly I couldn't help but draw some comparison to Brideshead Revisited while reading Life's What You Make It (made even more apparent to me by the fact that Sebastian was reading said book at one point), particularly in relation to the rich boy at school not really having any direction and partying his life away...though it does stop later in the book so the comparison only works to a certain level.

What I really liked about Life's What You Make It was the juxtaposition of Sebstian and Tess' personalities. On the one hand there was the all out party boy, and on the other hand you had the intelligent good girl who is so determined to do well in school that she ignores other aspects of her life. Though what I enjoyed even more was seeing the effect that the two characters had on each other, even in a none romantic setting, and how they grew together.

There was also a definite theme of who the parent actually was going on in Life's What You Make it, in this case it was whether Sebastian's mother was really the mother figure in his life, or whether it was Nanny who he seemed to garner genuine love and affection for. I can't help but always find this kind of topic moving in books and this was no exception.

Love This Life (Love’s Great Adventure Series/Book 2)
Author: Theresa Troutman
Cover Design: James
Publication: June 9, 2014
Genre: New Adult Romance 18+


“All I want is you.”
Tess Hamilton has a ten year plan—every milestone mapped out to reach her educational, career and life goals. Happy to be moving in with her fiancé, Sebastian, she didn’t anticipate a dangerous attraction to another man, a life-changing event, and a terrifying journey of self-discovery. They were definitely not a part of her master plan, and now Tess wonders if any part of her scheme will come to fruition. Sebastian Irons is getting everything he’s ever wanted out of life. Leaving his playboy image in the past, he’s finally become the better man he longed to be when he left England and came to America. Madly in love with his fiancée and ready to start their life together, everything is seemingly perfect—until a series of unexpected events threatens to tear them apart. Can Tess and Sebastian survive the curveballs life throws at them? Will their love crash and burn, or will they get their long-awaited happily ever after?


Theresa Troutman lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and their crazy dog, Niko. She loves reading, theatre, traveling and is an active member of the SCBWI. Works by Theresa include My Secret Summer (YA romance), A Special Connection (New Adult Romance), and Life's What You Make It - Love's Great Adventure Series Book 1 ( Mature YA romance)

Grand prize - signed paperback of Love This Life and a swag pack! (US only)
EBook copy of Love This Life (international)

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