Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Giveaway: Sabrina Lacey's Hearts Series

Sabrina Lacey is giving away all THREE of the books in her Hearts series! I've read one and two (with plans on reading three very soon!) and they are brilliant! You should check them out!

What You Can Win! 

AUTOGRAPHED COPY OF ALL THREE 'HEART SERIES' NOVELLAS. - Throbbing hearts (1), Reaching Hearts (2), Crushing Hearts (3), together!

"This is definitely one of those times I curse the series gods for not having part 2 readily available. I want more, I need more." - SMUTandBONBONS.COM on THROBBING HEARTS

"Romance authors have a real tendency to turn a one night stand into a love story. Which was definitely not the case in Throbbing Hearts... really want to know what happens next." - TRIPS DOWN IMAGINATION ROAD Book Blog

"It’s amazing what broken hearts and betrayals can do to good people. " - BOOK FREAK on THROBBING HEARTS

"Literally, I’m all in the story. I’ve finished a chapter and swipe my screen to get “The End of Part 2”. I think an exaggerated cry left my mouth amidst the realization I again have to wait. Kudos to Lacey for creating an enticing tale." - SMUTandBONBONS.COM on REACHING HEARTS

* Add all three to your to-read lists. *

HEARTS SERIES: Throbbing Hearts (part 1), Reaching Hearts (part 2), Crushing Hearts (part 3 - just released May 12)
Part 4 coming soon!

Erotic romance. Recommended for 17+ due to mature language and adult situations. 

No fluffy romance here, these are real, suspenseful, page-turning rides.

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Reaching Hearts by Sabrina Lacey

Reaching Hearts

by Sabrina Lacey

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