Sunday, 4 May 2014

Book: Vanished Pride by Paloma Beck

I received a copy of Vanished Pride, book 4 of the Seven Sin Sisters series, in exchange for my review.

Paige has always been too full of pride, but she has used it in order to become a master baker, even going so far as being invited to Paris to compete in a world baking tournament. Problem is, she knows who her mate is, and made Donovan agree to wait until after her competition to begin the mating. But for both of them the separation is driving them mad, and eventually Maddon has to force their hands. Can Paige still live up to her dreams after mating with Donovan, or is her pride vanishing going to take her talent with it.

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I think this is by far my favourite of the Seven Sin Sisters books so far, there was just something about Paige that made her seem more rounded than her sisters. Maybe it is because she is one of the more outspoken ones, and so she has been characterised in a few of the previous books as well as in her own story. She also seemed to maintain a lot more free will after her mating than her sisters which appealed to me (I like strong female characters). Of course the other part is probably that she was a master baker specialising in pastries and I've spent the past week writing my French Research Dissertation on cake and pâtisserie (if anyone is interested my title was French Pâtisserie: In what way is it really French? or if you want to be specific it was actually La pâtisserie française: dans quelle façon est-elle vraiment française?).

There had also been more of Donovan in the previous books as well (especially as he was the best friend of Seamus, from book 3) which meant that neither of the characters needed introducing so much. And there were questions answered about Donovan and Seamus' previous arrangement which had been left over from Holiday Gem.

There also seemed to be a lot more background issues going on in Vanished Pride, such as you found out what happened to the girl Donovan saved in Eternal Envy (book 2) and what is going on in the search for Nassir. This again leads to a bit of action, but somehow it seems as if the solution to that problem is nowhere near completed!

This was also the only book so far that lasted until after the Pronouncement (basically a wedding), and that is when most of the action took place. I thought it worked well, particularly in demonstrating that after the mating Paige still maintained her personality and skills despite losing her pride.

This is an interesting and entertaining series, and it seems to be getting better with each book (if you look at them in order which I can now do!)