Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Book: Vampire's Hunger by Cynthia Garner

I received a copy of Vampire's Hunger from Netgalley in exchange for my review.

Kimber is a necromancer, and six months ago a reanimation went wrong and the doctor got bitten, starting the zombie apocalypse. Now living in an apartment with her best friend Nathalie, a fey warrior and sometimes Duncan, the brooding second in command vampire who she's always been attracted to but has only ever kissed once. Duncan is determined to protect Kimber, even if that means against his queen, and he's just as determined to get her in his bed, though that at least is on her terms.

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Think of crossing an awesome paranormal romance with the zombie apocalypse and that is what you get is Vampire's Hunger, though there is less of a focus on the zombies than normal, other than Kimber's thoughts that it was all her fault (which is kind of debatable really! But saying that they were pretty kick ass in a fight. Plus there was a sense of realism given to the zombie apocalypse (and yes I realise what I just said) by the fact that people actually died.

You could feel the tension between Kimber and Duncan in the pages, they very very clearly liked each other, and had very clearly liked each other for years, but took a while getting to it. I thought that helped considering the fact that I have this thing against sudden love (I don't think it is realistic). But even saying that it didn't seem to be particularly insta-love but rather a slow fall after giving in to attraction.

The main thing that I loved about their relationship though was the funny comments, they didn't always get on, they didn't always solve things with sex, which was both refreshing and realistic (we're ignoring the fact that they're both supernatural beings for that statement).

Though the ending of Vampire's Hunger was wrapped up, making it a story in its own right, but there were clearly several themes that will be carried on in further books, which I am most definitely planning on reading!