Sunday, 25 May 2014

Book: Undeniable by Alicia Roberts & Ashley Simone

I received a copy of Undeniable from Netgalley in exchange for my review.

Allie graduated in accounting but can't find a job so works in a diner, one day an attractive man with the most amazing eyes she's seen walks into the diner. Meeting him weeks later in a bar, she discovers that his name is Zac, and for the first time ever she invites someone upstairs with her but he refuses. Weeks pass and Allie finds an advert on a dating site for someone that looks like her for an evening. With her brother in a lot of trouble, can she really pass the money over? And what if it is Zac and there is more to it than just the money?

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Well that was a cliff hanger and a half. Not exactly what I was expecting to happen close to the end, but still, has left me wondering what will happen next (though the next book isn't out yet anyway so I can't know! NB that is at the time of writing my review not the time of posting).

The one downside to this book was the case of the over enthusiastic, and easily turned on, virgin. In reality it is nothing like some book heroines, including Allie, seem to enjoy, with the multiple orgasms and screaming passion, so I'm not really sure why that is the case in books. Or why, if the authors wanted to have the multiple orgasms and screaming passion they don't just make their characters not virgins.

However, I thought that the author did catch the nerves and the awkwardness of dating really well (not with Zac but with other characters) which redeemed the book in my eyes, as did the way in which Allie considered selling herself. Her reasons were solid, her little brother came to her with money troubles, in all likelihood any older sister would probably sell herself to help out her brother (unless they hated each other that is) but she still had to think about it.

This was a short book, with a hell of a cliffhanger, and if you ignore the fact that Allie was a virgin then definitely enjoyable.