Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Book: The Third Wheel by Ioana Visan

I received a copy of The Third Wheel, book 3.5 in The Impaler Legacy, in exchange for my review.

Having rid the world of the New Breed vampires, Jesse and Liana have gone away to Morocco, but so has Max. When he acts strange and they catch sight of him in the flower market, the couple follow him, to discover that he is meeting a woman...

This is a short story that takes place after the final book of The Impaler Legacy; Order Restored.

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The Third Wheel is only short, which is why I am posting it's review on the same day as the last book in the series, Order Restored. At the ending of Order Restored, I still wanted to know more, it ended kind of abruptly, but The Third Wheel answers the questions that I had, or confirmed the assumptions that I had based on the final scene of Order Restored. Like book #1.5, Sweet Surrender, this installment was more focused on the romance between the characters than on the action with the vampires (which would be difficult considering that problem had been removed.

And you got to see a very different side of Max. Up until now he has been very stoic, a definite leader and it is given the impression that he has very few personal relationships, though he did develop them with Liana and Jesse, and yet here he is with a woman. And that is all that I will say on the matter, no need to spoil the story!

I've loved every minute of reading The Impaler Legacy, its really drawn me in and the characters have been believable as well as growing from their experiences. You should definitely give it a go! Plus there's an omnibus now, which you can see on amazon here.