Saturday, 3 May 2014

Book: Sworn to Defiance by Terah Edun

I was a beta reader for Sworn to Defiance, book 5 in the Courtlight series (not stand alone).

Having narrowly escaped the Duke of Carne's home, Ciardis ends up straight back into the hands of the man she would rather avoid, the impostor Emperor of Sandrin. Not only do her and Sebastian need to get the Nobles on board, but also the Emperor, without letting on that they know he is actually Sebastian's uncle and not his father. With the threat of the bluttgot hanging over their heads, Ciardis needs to navigate the political waters if she is to have the support she needs, while trying to maintain her love for Sebastian and push Thanar away...

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 Well I already loved this series, so there wasn't really much that could have happened in Sworn to Defiance that could have changed that...well except to make me love the series even more. I thought that this book took a slightly different tone, though the politics of the court has played a role in the other books I thought that it played a bigger one in this book especially surrounding certain events (that I will not disclose, don't want to spoil anything!) Saying that there are also street fights and action, because lets face it, Ciardis just can't stay out of trouble!

There were several moments in this book that made me laugh aloud, namely at Sebastian's sarcastic comments and also at Terris' attempts to match make, and the comic relief was probably needed considering the more ominous over shadowing of the bluttgot.

This is the fifth book in the series, and as you would expect the characters have developed a lot from the previous books, it is evident from the start that Sebastian and Ciardis are not the same people as they were in Sworn to Raise, and not just because they admitted that they loved each other in Sworn to Secrecy. Instead they have matured in character and actions, even to the point of Ciardis thinking before she speaks (only occasionally, she can't change too much!) and Sebastian standing up for himself more.

For the first two thirds of the book I maintained my opinion of majorly disliking Thanar, there's just something about him that I don't like. But actually closer to the ending I was starting to think that he might not be too bad, though I'm still of two opinions as to what he'll do when Ciardis actually tries to destroy the bluttgot.

This series is getting better and better, I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a strong female character in a fantasy world, full of action and with just a tiny bit of romance! Plus I think this cover is my favourite!

Reading order: Sworn to Raise, Sworn to Transfer, Sworn to Conflict, Sworn to Secrecy, Sworn to Defiance