Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Book: Order Restored by Ioana Visan

I received a copy of Order Restored, book 3 of The Impaler Legacy, in exchange for my review.

With Jesse kidnapped, Liana has had a compulsion put on her by Max in order for her not to be clouded by the love she feels for him when making decisions that affect her people. But something went wrong and Liana still feels but is unable to show it. Finding him, she makes a deal to try and save him and as many other people as she can, but the leaders of the New Breed Vampire faction, and the New Breed creators, have other ideas and they want Liana's blood to perform those ideas.

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The only regret I have about this book is that I didn't read it sooner! I've read the rest of the series and loved them all (you can check out my reviews via the Reviews by Genre/A-Z Reviews pages) so I'm not really sure what took me so long reading this one. But as soon as I read page one I was sucked straight back into Liana and the Little Council's world, one that is fully aware of the existence of vampires but faces another threat.

Up until this point Liana has been very against vampires, but with her increased dealings with Max her views are starting to change, which was both a good thing and very believable. She was never an unfeeling character, quite the contrary, but her upbringing had meant that she was predisposed to dislike them.

There was actually much less of a plot line surrounding the Little Council (based in the only Vampire free country in the world, Romania) and focused more on the vampires themselves, and the leaders of the New Breed faction;s experiments on the DNA of vampires to change them. There was also more let on about older vampire's being stronger.

Reading Order: The Impalor's Revenge (#1), Sweet Surrender (#1.5), A Victory That Counts (#2), Casualties of War (#2.5), Order Restored (#3), The Third Wheel (#3.5)