Saturday, 10 May 2014

Book: Made in Essex by Laura Ziepe

I received a copy of Made in Essex from Goodreads First Reads.

Jade and Kelly are setting up their own business selling customised bikinis to women after realising there was a gap in the market while on holiday. Whilst both Jade and Kelly's relationships are going strong, their friend Lisa is single and dating man after man. But things aren't going too well in Essex with the arrival of Adele. Having tried to split Jade and her boyfriend up, the girls dislike Adele, and after snubbing her Adele decides to take them down, and will stop at nothing to do it. Not only does she copy their business idea, but she also tries to destroy Jade and Sam's relationship. But even her best friend, and only true friend, Donna, isn't free from Adele's games, particularly when she starts dating a footballer that Adele wants for herself..

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Oh I loved this book! Though one of the main reasons that I loved it might be a reason why some people hate it, particularly American readers. There are a lot of references throughout the book to British culture, some of which might not have actually got across the channel, but also the characters spoke using slang that is regional to Essex (as a British northerner, even I had to guess at some things!) But the characters were all funny and real.

I really liked Donna as a character, mainly because she was a decent girl, and she was larger than any of the other characters (size 16 which I believe is 18 in the US) and saying that even Adele who considered herself skinny was a size 10 (12 in the US). Thing is...that is normal, and I loved that about the book.

There was also Jade and Kelly's start up  business which I really enjoyed reading about, it added a whole new level to the book, and made it so that it wasn't just a romance, actually saying that it wasn't really a romance at all. There were relationships already happening for several of the characters (Jade and Kelly) whilst some new relationships were formed (Nicola, Lisa and Donna) but that was a part of the story as opposed to the focus of the story. Basically it is about their lives as a whole not one aspect.

And then the other thing I loved was more of a love to hate, and that was Adele. Its been a while (and by that I mean probably about a week, but for me that is a fair few books!) since I last found a "bad guy" that I enjoyed hating as much as Adele. You could tell all the way through what kind of person she was, and even when she did good things for people you could tell that she did them for her own reasons, and going back to the real life thing, that is what some people are really like!

As you can probably tell from my review this book has a wide range of characters, and their stories are intertwined in a fun and brilliant manner. Made in Essex tells of their lives and makes a fun and light hearted read!

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