Monday, 26 May 2014

Book: Lady of Gaia by Tricia Ballad

I received a copy of Lady of Gaia, a companion novella to The Cycle of Oreveille, in exchange for my review.

Kathleen is being forced into a marriage that she doesn't want to the town drunkard. Taking a walk in the woods on the morning of her wedding she encounters Adreil, a Fae, and asks him to take her away from the village and to Faeland. He agrees and the pair fall in love, having a happy marriage and child for 5 years until Kathleen's father crosses over and steals her back.

Lady of Gaia is a short novella which tells the story of the parents of one of the main characters from Daughter of Oreveille, Gabriel. Until this point there was a bit of a mystery surrounding why Gabriel's parents, Adriel and Kathleen, were apart but loved each other. And this answers those questions.

I think that if you read Lady of Gaia first then the story has a very bitter ending, though having read Daughter of Oreveille it isn't quite so bad, but the story telling is magical, and really transports you to the world that Ballad has created.

The characters that are present in Lady of Gaia are those that appeared in the other book and so I already had a basis for them, though this novella fleshed out Gabriel's parents, allowing them to have their own love story. Though ultimately I am now just more excited to see what happened to Brianna and Gabriel!

This is a great prequel, and I wouldn't know if I'd suggest reading it before or after Daughter of Oreveille,
so long as you read it!

Lady of Gaia
A Companion Story to Daughter of Oreveille

Publication Date: May 2014 
Author: Tricia Ballad 
Publisher: Faeland Press 
Specifications: e-book
 Pages: 25 
Price: $0.99

Kathleen is fated to wed the village drunkard on her sixteenth birthday.
When she goes into the forest searching for a way to live with her fate, she finds a love that will span two worlds, and stand in the face of greed, pettiness, and laws neither she nor her lover are powerful enough to ignore. Still, Kathleen will not forget the man she loves, or the son she left behind.

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The Official Biography
Tricia Ballad started making up stories as soon as she was old enough to talk, and began writing them down soon after. When she could not find a story to fit her mood, she wrote one. And in one way or another, she’s been writing ever since. After spending most of her childhood cavorting with words when she should have been learning algebra, she came up for air in college, did her fair share of stupid things, met the love of her life, and managed to graduate with a degree in creative writing. Tricia spent the next decade in a haze of sleep deprivation and diapers. When she finally remembered how to sleep again, she returned to writing stories. Her debut novel, Daughter of Oreveille, was released in August 2013. Tricia lives in Illinois with her husband, four children, and assorted other creatures. She is fairly certain there is a family of coffee-stealing gnomes hiding in the walls.

7 Fun Facts About Tricia
1.Co-authored three programming books,including one college textbook and one“For Dummies” book.
2.Homeschooled 4 children for 4 years
3.Creates her own Renaissance FaireCostumes
4.Is a Disney Travel blogger
5.Once ran a travel agency
6.Once lived in a beautifully restoredVictorian mansion
7.Roasts her own coffee, so she can get itexactly the way she likes it.