Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Book: In Bed with the Boss by Alexa Bravo

I received a copy of In Bed with the Boss from Netgalley in exchange for my review.

Three years ago Trish's husband walked out on her because they couldn't have a baby, but now she has a successful career working for Keith. Before they meet each other though they have a charged encounter in a lift, leaving them both breathless and distracted by thoughts of each other. Knowing that during the roll out of their campaign means that they can't be together...and yet there is something within them both that neither can deny.

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This book is charged with tension between the two main characters, as well as solving the dilemma of work relationships. This isn't your standard work place romance, yes there is sex, but actually both of the characters seem to spend most of their time avoiding sex with each other. It did also seem that the pair of them fell in love quite quickly, but I guess it does happen sometimes!

The characters were a bit older than those I normally read about, Trish is 40 and Keith is 42, which does add a different set of goals to their relationship, it isn't just the physical that interests them, but instead there is a concentration on their careers and emotional well being.

There were of course obstacles to their relationship, namely in the shape of their past relationships to Matt and Claudia, which actually took more getting past than the fact that their appearances at work were important.

There were quite a few references to strategy development in the book, and I can't honestly give an opinion on whether this detracts from the book if you haven't got a basic understanding of strategic management (it was one of my modules last term), but I think it would still be readable to the none business savvy.

An interesting and quick business romance read!

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