Friday, 9 May 2014

Book: Holding Hope by Paloma Beck

I received a copy of Holding Hope, book 4.5 in the Seven Sin Sisters series, in exchange for my review.

Having been rescued by the TEU in book 2 (Eternal Envy) Ella has been taken to Lucas' family's cabin, particularly because he knows she is his mate and won't let anyone else near her. Lucas knows that he has to introduce Ella to their world slowly, particularly as she was raised away from the Breed and the Circle and knows nothing of their world. Even without knowing what was going on, Ella still feels the immense attraction to Lucas that she can't help but act upon.

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This is book 4.5 because it is shorter than the other books and also doesn't tell the story of one of the Sinster sisters, instead this book focuses on Maddon (from book 1 Lustful Cravings)'s brother and Ella, the girl that was rescued in book 2. To some extent it felt as if Lucas was a known entity because he appears in books 1 & 2 as a fairly central character, whereas Ella is a kind of unknown because she was only rescued.

Because Ella hadn't grown up in the world the sisters have there is a lot more of the background to the story and the mythology in this book, and it fills in some of the gaps that have been left by the other books, there was also an interesting fact about Layla's baby that I had been wondering about.

I think that Holding Hope is the sweetest of the books so far, instead of overwhelming need, the care seems to have come first from Lucas, and even then he seemed to be a little more focused on Ella's needs that the other Breeds have on their mates. By that I mean mental needs rather than physical needs, they all seem fine with that one!

This is an interesting series, with a wide cast of characters and an interwoven plot focusing on a terrorist organisation.

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