Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Book: Frozen Fury by Paloma Beck

I received a copy of Frozen Fury, book 5 of the Seven Sin Sisters series, in exchange for my review.

Gage is frustrated to be assigned to a routine patrol at a lab until he shoots someone that he thought was an intruder but turned out to be Amelia Sinster, a scientist at the lab and his mate. Completely devastated about the fact that he shot his mate, what Gage didn't count on was the anger that Amelia would feel towards him for it. Struggling with her anger, and on top of that they discover that Amelia's sister, Sadie, is missing.

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The books in the Seven Sin Sisters series have got better, the first books were good but Frozen Fury, as well as Vanished Pride are even better than the first. The characters have gotten more developed and have more of a sense of individuality. I still think that Paige is my favourite sister, but Amelia is a close second.

I thought that Gage was more developed as well, mainly because he has been in the background of a lot of the stories so he felt like a more like a central character. He also seemed to have more of an input into the TEU.

I have more on my theory for Gracie now that I did before too, and I think that my prior guess into how her mating will go was the right one, there's just more of an idea of the who and the what now (and I'm excited to find out if it is true!) Talking of theories, I now have a suspicion of who Sadie's mate is, but I'm going to sit on that one too!

The individuality gained by the couple in Frozen Fury made a lot of difference, it didn't feel like they were just another Breed and Circle couple, or even like any of the Sinster couples so far, in fact I would say that Gage and Amelia are the most separated from the other couples, even Layla and Maddon. Interestingly enough I always thought that Gage would be one of the Breeds that would end up with a Sinster sister, not too sure why but just always thought he would.

The fight against Nassir has also picked up in this book, particularly since he seems to have gained some scary knowledge about the Breeds and the prophecy, including attempts to stop it coming true, and predictions about the last two pairings (the discrepancy reported, but not explained, is one of the reasons for my theories about Gracie and Sadie).

I'm gutted the next two books aren't out! I need to know the end of the story now!