Friday, 16 May 2014

Book: Forever in Love by Nadia Lee

I received a copy of Forever in Love in exchange for my review.

Catherine Fairchild's life has fallen apart around her, her marriage wasn't legal and her in-laws blame her for the funds missing from the family company. Even knowing she isn't guilty, her life so far has meant that Catherine still feels bad about it, and worse than that she feels alone. When her father's old friend, Salazar, asks her to go up to a small town and scope out his son from a mistress, Catherine takes the opportunity, little expecting that Blaine won't just be a person she runs into, but rather someone that will change her life forever.

Forever in Love is the fifth book in the Hearts on the Line series and though it can be read as a stand alone. Though I would recommend reading the other books first because then things make more sense, but also the way that Catherine develops as a character also makes more sense.Up until this point Catherine hasn't been that likable, mainly because she was a bit standoffish and the opinions of the other characters around her. But since getting to know her in this book she has not only become more likable, but a much better character, and that isn't just in the eyes of the reader!

There were a couple of things that were resolved in this book that had been going on since the earlier books, namely the issues with The Lloyd's business. Somewhat bizarrely one of the things that didn't actually get revealed more was the scandal of Jacob Lloyd running off with his first wife. Considering that that happened from Catherine I would have expected more of it, but I can't help but be glad that the series isn't over!

As the books go on there is more of the characters from the previous books involved, in this case mainly the Lloyds, though the Pryce's were also introduced more, and I think I have an idea about who Meredith may have her eye on, and as the only Lloyd daughter that is going to be interesting! Particularly because she has such a strong female role model in her mother, Stella.

I really liked how Catherine developed in this book, she went from being shallow, well not shallow maybe appearing shallow, at the start, to her actually realising her own self worth, and the things that were really the most important in her life. And I especially liked the fact that her development wasn't just because of a man, but also because of things she learnt about herself.

As with the previous 4 books, I loved this one, and look forward to the next in the series!