Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Book: Dead in Bed by Bailey Simms

I received a copy of Dead in Bed in exchange for my review. It is made up of 7 serial episodes, Fifty Shades of Gangrene, Stiff, Going Down Six Feet Under, Don't Catch the Plague, Whetted Appetites and Sick (Episode 1, Fifty Shades of Gangrene was reviewed separately).

After waking up in a motel room with no idea what happened, Ashley finds that her town has been put on lock down and a strange plague has taken over. With her best friend, Morgan, sick, and her own family wary of her, her only support is coming from her brother-in-law, Ian, and his rogue doctor friend, Chris, who are both determined to help people that test positive for the plague. Already on the wanted list, Ashley uses her newly found confidence to help as many people as she can, but even so she still has to stay alive.

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When reading Dead in Bed the first thing you need to expect is that the story is somewhat segmented, as is common with serialised novels. Each section is clearly defined even when the events directly follow. The only real difference this made was that some of the sections started with retrospect, so didn't actually directly follow the previous one. There was also breaks between the story where the author's notes were, in the serialised episodes this would work fine, but I think that it broke up the story a bit too much.

The main character, Ashley, goes through a major transformation in the book, from what is made out to be a fairly timid character to a particularly confident one, which helps the story flow, but at some points I couldn't help but think 'what are you doing???' but I guess that's a good thing, it showed that I got invested in the characters. Though she did seem to have quite a bit of random sex urges, especially considering that she was married, but that did work as part of the plot.

The plague itself was interesting. Though in the later stages it does progress to something approaching zombie like, there were other stages to it, mainly revolving around sex. Though saying that it was quite difficult to distinguish between stages 1 and 2. The method of getting the plague was interesting as well, I have certainly not read anything like it before.

Dead in Bed is a unique zombie tale (well kind of zombie tale) though not one to read if a little sex freaks you out.