Thursday, 15 May 2014

Book: Cursed by Nicole Camden

I received a copy of Cursed from Netgalley in exchange for my review.

Once more Lille has found herself running away from Max and the feelings that he has evoked, this time because she allowed him to take control. With the increased fame of the Fetish Box, Lille is finding herself the recipient of calls, visitors and other attempts to gain her attention, the realisation that there is only one man that she wants that attention from is Max scares her. Meanwhile Max is battling for the courage to do something about the fact that all he can think about is Lille, and her father has tried to be in contact once more...

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Firstly there was one thing that disappointed me about Cursed and that was the resolution of Lille's problems with her father. To me they just seemed to be a little bit unfinished and rushed, but I guess that it wasn't really the focus of the story so its not really a big deal.

The big focus though was Lille and Max, and that was resolved in a fantastic way! Like the other two there wasn't actually that much sex in Cursed, though they did seem to reminisce about it quite a bit. And at one point I most definitely wanted to bang their heads together for being complete and utter idiots. Considering that they were both fairly emotionally unavailable people I thought that the breaking down of their walls was a good pace.

I found at several points that I was laughing aloud at parts of this book. My favourite being the scene between Max and Lille when they talk about Fifty Shades of Grey and Max's really bad ties. The banter between them at that point was just brilliant.

I enjoyed the series, though I don't really think that it is complete, but that could just be me!