Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Book: Charming the Alpha by Liliana Rhodes

I received a copy of Charming the Alpha from Netgalley in exchange for my review as a part of the Fated Mates box set.

Having been brought up by her mother and grandmother, Hannah doesn't know what to think about werewolves, including whether they truly exist. But one night, after visiting with her dead grandmother, Hannah runs into a werewolf and can't help but feel a thrill of attraction towards him. But things aren't as simple as that, not only does Hannah have to discover just who Caleb is, but as the Alpha of the Rowan pack he has an obligation to solve the murders and disappearances of shifters near his territory. On top of that Hannah's mother isn't telling her the whole truth about her past, and there seems to be a little thing about a family curse.

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When I started reading Charming the Alpha I couldn't help but catch some of the similarities between it and Little Red Riding Hood, but I also found that the similarities faded a bit. There did remain some towards throughout but it was still its own story.

Hannah is pretty much a rebellious teenage daughter, not believing what her mother and grandmother told her growing up, though in this case I guess she was kind of right to. There was an interesting dynamic between Hannah and her mother, it almost seemed to be more of a friendship than a parent-daughter relationship, mainly because of the freedom that Hannah seemed to have.

There were two main plot lines going on through Charming the Alpha, and they were linked in places. Firstly there was the love story between Caleb and Hannah, which was the classic true mates line, though there were some changes to it, such as Hannah's questionable status as a human/witch/werewolf/other supernatural being and Caleb's other duties. This also links in to the story of the disappearing shifters which adds a level of drama to the book that wasn't there before.

This is probably a more intense paranormal setting than I normally read, as in a whole town seems to know about the paranormal stuff, Charming the Alpha is certainly an engaging and fun read.