Saturday, 31 May 2014

Book: All American Wolf by Adriana Hunter

I received a copy of All American Wolf from Netgalley in exchange for my review as a part of the Fated Mates box set.

Serena acts out of character when she takes Brody back to her home after a night drinking, but when she wakes she finds herself instantly distracted by the discovery of a dead body. Throwing herself into the case along with her partner, Mike, she meets Wes Callahan, who introduces her to the idea that a shifter may be guilty of the crime. But when Callahan introduces the possibility of Brody being guilty Serena can't help but doubt what is going on. Being attracted to both of the men only confuses her further, but despite that Serena is determined to crack this case.

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 I loved the mixture of the paranormal and the murder mystery in this book. Though the story would have worked without the paranormal elements (well if you substitute the motive) but I thought that it added another level to the story. I did have some questions about the way that the shifters worked in this book, but I found that they were all answered by the end of the book, which was a good thing!

Serena was a female character who at the beginning seemed very independent, though she seemed to become a little more obsessed with the men as the book went on. But saying that, it didn't actually stop her doing her job, and in her defense she did try and stop being so focused on them. And the fact that she managed to figure out what was going on with Callahan, made her redeemable in my eyes.

The mystery itself seemed to be pretty clean cut, I came up with the correct theory quite a while before the truth was actually revealed, though there was nothing to really suspect what I did. But saying that the scenes between Brody and Serena and Callahan and Serena were written in such a way that it was possible to pick up subtle differences in the atmosphere, which is what I think led me to my conclusion.

I really enjoyed this read, the balance between the murder mystery and the shifter nature was good, and the writing was nuanced in each scene to create different relationships and atmospheres.