Friday, 25 April 2014

Serial: Naomi Grim Part 1 by Tiffany Nicole Smith

I received a copy of Naomi Grim Part 1 from Story Cartel in exchange for my review.

Naomi is a Grim, the people whose job it is to collect the life stones of people fated to die. Each time they bring back a life stone they gain years of life as well as money as payment. Naomi and her family are Middle Class Grims, but her father desperately wants to move up and become a part of the Elite. When the Lord of Death visits to give the Grim siblings an assignment, they find themselves being honoured, and their Father sees it as their way to the top.

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This was such an interesting concept, and that is what drew me to it. There is a whole colony of Grims (which actually makes far more sense than one Grim Reaper!) and they're not actually bad, they just collect life stones (which aren't anything to do with a person's soul. Whenever they collect the stones they gain the years that the person who died live, and a payment. Its against the rules for them to take someone who is not fated. All in all it sounds super interesting, only thing is I hadn't realised it was a serial episode until I got to the end which was a bit of a bummer! I was really getting into it.

The characters were believable, mainly because they were all different. The only character who I didn't feel got particularly fleshed out was Josh, and there didn't really seem to be any reason for that. Naomi and her two brothers were all different, you had the scientist, the soft hearted one and the hothead. And there was her best friend Kiera who was the goody two shoes. It all balanced out well.

As I mentioned, the only thing that disappointed me about this was the fact I hadn't realised it was a serial episode.