Saturday, 5 April 2014

Book: Wind up Hearts by Stan Swanson

I received a copy of Wind Up Hearts from Netgalley in exchange for my review.

Over 100 years ago, Henry and Emily were the recipients of mechanical hearts that require winding every week in order to keep ticking. Every single week since the pair have met on the same bench, shared lunch and wound up their hearts. After 100 years Henry has begun to feel tired, but so long as Emily is around he has a reason to keep winding up his heart.  If only he could convince Emily to marry him.

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This was a very sweet and simple story. Simple in the fact that there were only two characters and only one setting despite the fact that the story takes place over more than 100 years. In a longer book I don't think that the format would have worked. However because Wind Up Hearts was fairly short it did.
Its not all that clear what is between Emily and Henry, as is probably likely with people that have known each other that long, the lines between friendship, camoraderie and romance have become so obscured that it is hard to tell exactly which it is. I think that that was actually one of the strong points of the story,  making it far less black and white.