Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Book: Wicked Hunger by Delsheree Gladden

I received a copy of Wicked Hunger in exchange for my review.

Van and Zander Roth live their lives craving the pain and suffering of the people living around them. While Zander tries to placate his hunger with football, Van turns to dance, until Noah shows up. For years Van has put off a relationship with her best friend Ketchup (a nickname) because of their condition, but with Noah on the scene she finds a distraction from the love and anguish she feels over that. Also new on the scene is Ivy, the cousin of one of Van's friends, and from the off Van thinks there is something not quite right about her, and not just because both her and Zander's hunger is set off by her. But despite knowing what is best for him, Zander can't stay away from Ivy, and though Van seems determined to get to the bottom of the strange girl, Zander couldn't seem to care less.

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I don't think I have conveyed the uniqueness of this book too well in my synopsis, it may come across as if Van and Zander are a bit vampiric, which I guess in a way they are, but at the same time its not the blood itself that they crave, and they seem to feed their hunger just as well from minor cuts and bruises. It seems to be a much more complicated issue than just needing people's pain, particularly as the two of them have vastly different feeding urges and coping strategies.

You get the point of view of both of the siblings in the book (alternate two two from Van's point of view, then two from Zander's and so on) which was interesting particularly as it made clear the differences between them. It was always really easy to tell who was narrating within the first couple of sentences which made things much easier.

Also, absolutely loved the fact that the character who acted madly in love regardless of the consequences to themselves was male in this book, so often you get the female character falling in love with a vampire/werewolf/assassin/general bad boy despite what is good for her. But in this book, despite Van being in love, it was very much Zander who was being the idiot in love. At some points his actions even made me think that he was the younger of the two siblings (he isn't).

Van and Ketchup were interesting too, and I mean on more than the level of me really wanting to know what Ketchup's real name is (it was never mentioned). The two characters clearly love each other (to the point that other characters know they love each other, but aren't together. Throughout most of the book it isn't really clear exactly what Ketchup knows, but his interest remains in seeing to Van's well being, as a friend even if they couldn't be in a relationship. Unlike Zander, neither Van nor Ketchup actually came across as being held back by their feelings for one another.

I was also particularly impressed by the balance of mystery that was kept in the book, namely those regarding people, Ivy mainly, but there were also timely reveals of exactly who Oscar and Lisa were too (they were mentioned early on but not explained until later). But some mysteries still remain, namely exactly how Van ended up saving so many people's lives!

I expected to enjoy this book, but didn't just enjoy it, I got sucked in. The characters were complex, believable and the plot moved at a great pace!