Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Book: The Waltz by Georgia Hill

I received a copy of The Waltz, the second novella in the Say it with Sequins series, from Netgalley in exchange for my review.

Introvert Lucy has made herself a challenge, to dance on Who Dares Dance, the rival of Strictly Come Dancing. Little did Lucy suspect when entering the competition that it would lead to her having a crush on someone attainable for the first time. Swimmer Max is nearly at the end of his competitive carrier, and for the first time has found himself doing badly in a competition, made even worse by the fact that writer, Lucy, is almost constantly in his head. Professional dancer, Daniel, has once again found himself in the middle of a romance between two contestants, though this time at least he isn't in love with one of them...

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Poor Daniel! I hope its his turn soon! Whereas before Daniel was really wanting to compete for Julia's attention, now he is determined to get the latest two contestants, Lucy and Max together. Despite the fact that Lucy's dancing with him is technically competent just lacking passion, Daniel still wants the best for her, leading her to believe that he and Max are together...

The romance between Max and Lucy was super sweet, they were both shy, and both dealt with issues that made them even shyer, and yet they liked each other, and were wanting to help each other. The only problem was that they kept putting barriers up between themselves, knowingly or not! The main one being Lucy's confusion about Max's sexuality (because of something Julia said, Lucy believed that Max was gay).

I liked how there was an update of how Harri and Julia were doing too, with Julia and Lucy being friends you found out what their relationship is like a year down the line.

I've loved both of the romances in this series so far, with both of them being different, Julia and Harri's relationship in The Rumba being far steamier than Max and Lucy's in The Waltz, but that is what makes the series so good! I'll be looking out for the next one!