Thursday, 10 April 2014

Book: The Nekkid Truth by Nicole Camden

I received a copy of The Nekkid Truth from Netgalley in exchange for my review.

Four years ago Debbie was in an accident that meant that she is now unable to recognise faces. Instead she has to recognise the people around her by their voices and bodies. Working as a Police photographer, Debbie has always had a thing for Detective Marshall Scott, and when he needs her help with identifying a murder victim, Debbie can't help but think that she has seen the tattoo on the victim before. While working together they finally give into their passions and admit that there is something between them.

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The Naked Truth isn't suitable for younger readers due to several sex scenes. However there is also a strong plot line running throughout the book, well actually there is kind of two. I don't normally read crime books, I don't really know why because I have read and enjoyed them in the past, but in this case I found that I liked the crime story interlinked with the romance between Debbie and Marshall.

Other than the crime aspect of the story, the main other storyline was that of Debbie's inability to recognise faces, which was an interesting condition to say the least. But it did add a good element to the relationship between the couple, particularly as Debbie's best friend put it, they had to find something else to know they loved each other. I thought that actually, between all the sex and the death, that was a really sweet concept.

I also liked Debbie as a character, considering what she was dealing with she was a strong character and didn't seem to let the fact that she couldn't recognise the people around her stop her from living her life. And on top of that she used it to make herself better at photography, particularly nudes. She's one of those people who most people would wish they acted like if they suddenly lost one of their senses but probably wouldn't.

A well rounded story, with a sweet ending and message!