Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Book: The Mating Project by Dorris O'Connor

I received a copy of The Mating Project in exchange for my review.

Maria is a cougar shifter, one of the pure ones left, and her father is pressuring her into committing to the mating project's choice for her, Anton Desousa, another cougar shifter, but both Maria and her cat dislike Anton and want to do anything to avoid mating him. When she is kidnapped and taken to the secret and illegal part of the mating project, she is rescued by a wolf shifter called Malachi, and despite all the odds the pair feel the mating bond between them. But Malachi disappears and ten years later Maria is still mourning her loss. Until she meets Silas. Just as with Malachi she feels the instant mating bond to the human, which gets more complicated when Malachi comes home and finds them together...

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Firstly it is pretty much evident from the cover and the description there are some sex scenes, and more often than not there are more than two participants. But the chemistry between the characters, as a trio and as pairs (including the Silas/Malachi pair) was really well written and you could feel how it worked. The fact that there was chemistry and a relationship between Silas and Malachi, including a physical relationship, made this book somewhat different to many others, and that was quite refreshing.

The idea of the Mating Project itself was kind of scary though, the shifters were forced to mate with the other shifter that had the right genetic make up according to the council, regardless of how the shifters themselves felt. This was mainly looked at because Maria was the one being forced, and because the proximity of the issue to the characters made it more central. Also I took an almost instant dislike to Anton which is probably another reason why it seemed so bad.

The characters that the author created were vivid and engaging, and I actually found myself worried for the well being of one of them in particular in the final scenes, it was going quite badly for them. As I've mentioned before, I'm a character person, so this already takes up my level of enjoyment!

This was an enjoyable and sexy read, I'll be looking out for more by the author!