Monday, 21 April 2014

Book: Lustful Cravings by Paloma Beck

I received a copy of Lustful Cravings in exchange for my review.

The prophecy states that 7 sisters will all find their mates and release their deadly sins forever. As the youngest of the sisters, Layla didn't expect for her to be the first to find her mate. Her soul sin being lust, she can not feel desire until she meets her fated mate, and the feeling has her running when she meets Madden. Wanting to run away from the feelings within her, and avoid the claiming, Madden has to do all he can to convince Layla that they are fated to be together, but it isn't until Anton comes along and they discover that they are destined to be with him too. But when Layla gets kidnapped Madden gets extremely protective and will stop at nothing to get her back.

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Having read the books out of order (so having read Holiday Gem and Eternal Envy first) I didn't expect for lust to manifest itself in the way that it did. Instead of sleeping around Layla didn't feel any desire at all. I thought that it was interesting to see it manifest in a different way. There was much more history and background to the story than there was in the other two, and a lot more things made sense.

The relationship between the three of them worked well, Anton was the caring one, Madden the protective one and Layla seemed to be the one that held it all together. Though they did end up in some sexual situations where all three of them were involved, there weren't any overly descriptive things. Also the later books that I've read only had two people involved in the partnerships.

There was also more about one of the other sisters, Gracie in this book, and she said something which has made me very interested to read her story, and to find out what all of that is about. One thing that has been good in these books so far is that each of the sisters seems to have a vastly different personalities, even if you ignore each of their soul sins.

The search of the TEU for Nissar was started properly in this book, which put a bit more background into the story, and now I can go back to reading in order!