Monday, 28 April 2014

Book: Infamous by Nicole Camden

I received a copy of Infamous from Netgalley in exchange for my review.

After having the best sex of their lives (in Reborn) Max and Lille have done their best to avoid each other. But with their friends ever determined that the pair are meant to be together, and wanting to set them up, they can't ignore each other forever, and when they do finally see each other again, events take place that take them both by surprise. Meanwhile Lille's worried about her father who is once more freed from jail, and seems to be trying to make contact. And Jordan has a crush on the camera girl for the website, Kim.

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As with the previous book I'm going to say not to let the title of the series fool you. I have read books from other genres which have far more sex in than Infamous (or Reborn, or them both put together) in them. Saying that the book is set in a sex shop, so if those kind of things upset you then probably not your kind of read.

There's been two weeks between Reborn and Infamous, and a lot seems to have happened in that time, namely that Lille has got more open and friendly towards the other various characters, with the exception of Max of course! So much so that she even opens up about her past to Mary, and even more surprisingly, to Carl.

The chemistry between Max and Lille has only increased with their two week avoidance, and all the other characters have noticed it. But what I thought was the most interesting was the fact that they both seemed to be thinking differently about each other than they had originally. It was clear from the beginning of book 1 that this was going to be Lille and Max's story, but from the tone of Infamous, it seems like the story is going to be far sweeter than anticipated!

I also liked the fact that some of the secondary characters, notably Jordan, got more of a role in this book, particularly with his crush on Kim. But there was also more character building with Carl. I can tell that the characters are definitely growing on me, and I'm enjoying this series more than I thought I would.