Sunday, 13 April 2014

Book: Eternal Envy by Paloma Beck

I received a copy of Eternal Envy from Netgalley in exchange for my review.

Due to her soul sin, Eloise has envied things her whole life, and has always dreamt about meeting her mate so that the envy would fade away. At her sister, Layla's, Pronouncement, she trips and falls and is found by Caedon, a man with whom she feels an instant connection with. Though at first Eloise is worried that it is too good to be true, she eventually believes that Caedon is hers and hers alone, then all she needs to do is compete for the dominant role in their relationship. But with Caedon's parents allegedly found, after being presumed dead for 10 years, the couple need to take an unexpected trip to Italy.

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Firstly I want to say how good it was to have a male character showing weakness in a relationship. I don't mean by bursting into tears or anything like that, I just mean in the way that the female partner in the relationship is the one that is providing the supporting role, as is the case with Eloise her in the mission to find Caedon's parents.

It was also good to see two dominant characters trying to battle it out for control, the games the two of them played with each other made me laugh at some points, and definite points go to Eloise for so easily manipulating Caedon (the cafe scene particularly comes to mind there). Though I have just said that these two are two dominant characters, there is nothing overly kinky about their sex, the most unusual thing probably being Caedon's appreciation of shoes (on Eloise I may add), so there's nothing to be scared of there!

Though there wasn't that much action in Eternal Envy compared to Holiday Gem (which although comes after in the series I read first), there was more of a concentration on the lore behind the events, though unlike in Holiday Gem, I couldn't help but think in this one that reading the first one would have helped (only with a couple of things!) This book also said more about the prophecy surrounding the sisters, which was not only interesting but made things clearer from the other book!

I've enjoyed both the books I've read in the series, I would definitely say reading them would be worth it!