Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Book: The Boy From the Woods by Jen Minkman

I received a copy of The Boy From the Woods in exchange for my review.

Julia has always had a crush on Micheal, and when he finally comes onto her at the prom she has her illusions shattered when he unceremoniously dumps her and forgets to return her messages and calls. When Julia finds Micheal in the woods after an accident, everything seems to change, Micheal has turned over a new leaf and their budding relationship goes from strength to strength. Though something doesn't seem quite right, Julia goes with it, feeling in tune with the way the love she feels for Micheal. Though things aren't always as transparent as they seem.

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The best way to describe this book is that it is almost like a contemporary young adult with a tiny bit of the paranormal thrown in. I don't mean that in a randomly thrown in way, in actual fact the paranormal was weaved in masterfully, so that it wasn't obvious all the way through, but was once you knew where to look.

The paranormal was mainly linked to the mysteries around the forest and around the mystery of why Micheal had a very sudden change of character (because no matter what opinion you have of Micheal its impossible not to realise his personality changed). I wasn't actually sure what to make of Micheal, throughout the whole book I couldn't shake off that there was something weird going on with him, and as soon as I found out the truth it all made sense.

The thing that I loved the most about this book was the emphasis that there actually was on friendship. Even after she got a boyfriend, Julia still spent time with her friends, particularly Gaby, and Julia maintained other interests other than her boyfriend. I know that it sounds like such a strange thing to comment on, but for me it is a big deal, too many books have female characters that forget everything else when they get a boyfriend.

As with the other books of Minkman's that I have read, the style flowed and the story was unlike anything I've read before, the highly enjoyable style and the inventive storylines make her books well worth the read.