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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Creators by Tiffany Truitt

I received a copy of Creators, book 3 of The Lost Souls, in exchange for my review.

Having been separated from James by the Chosen One that hates her, George, reunited with her father who she thought was dead, and discovered her younger sister, Louisa, is pregnant, something that in their world is a death sentence, Tess' world has been turned upside down. Tess wants to fight, but not the same way that her father and her best friend want to fight. Instead she wants to fight for love and freedom, not just for revenge like Henry and her father. But Tess' father will sacrifice anything to win, including his own daughters and his most trusted men and women.

That was one of the most heart churningly perfect endings ever. Definitely bitter sweet, the problem being that it made too much sense for the story to have ended any other way, saying that there may have been a tear or two in my eye in the final scene between James and Tess. There was also a moment earlier on, and when James was writing his letters to Tess that had me almost at an emotional wreck. Oh the perfection of the written word!

The action in Creators took a little bit of a step up from the action in the previous two books, Chosen Ones and Naturals, which not only kept the story moving, but also demonstrated the growth that Tess as a character has throughout the series. She is definitely not the same person as she was in the beginning, and is definitely wise beyond her years at the end.

The main dilemma that was looked at in the series seemed to be the one of artificial life. I wasn't sure how I felt about the way that Tess' father ultimately dealt with the Chosen Ones, in fact I think I totally disagree with it (though that would, obviously, change the ending). There were Chosen One characters that were very easy to dislike, but there were Natural characters that were the same and vice versa.

Ultimately Truitt has created a wealth of characters that truly capture human nature, whether they were born or created characters. I loved this series, and would definitely recommend it!

Creators by Tiffany Truitt
Series: Lost Souls #3
Release date: April 21, 2014
Imprint: Entangled Teen
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Book Summary:
Heartbroken but more determined than ever after a tense showdown in the woods, sixteen-year-old Tess once again returns to the safety of her community of Isolationists. Bolstered by new alliances and desperate to protect those she loves, this time she knows she can return stronger and more powerful than ever to take back what is hers.

As she trains in combat and grows more confident, Tess receives beautiful letters penned by her forbidden love, the chosen one James, from his prison in Templeton. He is now serving as a bodyguard to the creators—the team of scientists who created artificial life in the first place. And what he has discovered about the true origin of the illness that halted natural life could change everything. Enemy will become ally and death will bring new hope in this stunning conclusion to Tiffany Truitt’s epic Lost Souls trilogy.

Author Bio:
Tiffany Truitt received her MA in literature from Old Dominion University. Her debut Chosen Ones, first in the Lost Souls trilogy, is a searing look at what it means to be other and how we define humanity, as well as a celebration of the dangerously wonderful feeling of falling in love. www.tiffanytruitt.wordpress.com

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