Saturday, 8 March 2014

Serial: Projections from the Abyss by Zachary Bonelli

I received a copy of Projections from the Abyss, episode 10 of the +Insomnium serial.

Nel is visited by the face from the Abyss who takes him on a journey to learn of the pain and suffering that his fellow travelers in Nowhere went through on their home planets. You see Gin going through failed relationships and the grief over her sister's death. Rev's struggle with homophobia and the death of his baseball dream. And you finally find out the reason that Drogl is, well, Drogl.

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Never thought I would be able to feel sorry for Drogl, and yet Bonelli has once again managed to make the impossible seem possible. In this episode you get a true sense of what made him like he is, and though it doesn't excuse his actions but does kind of explain it.

It was also good to see more of the background of the other characters. Though we know what they struggled with back on their own planets, but this is the first time the reader has been an objective observer in their lives and it was certainly interesting.

I'm already really intrigued as to what is going to happen next!