Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Book: A Timeless Love by Rainey Daye

I received a copy of A Timeless Love from Netgalley in exchange for my review.

Eric is a Double TT Agent, having completed his assignment early, he is now able to have a sabbatical. Choosing 2013 St. Lucia, he spends his time relaxing and enjoying the sun, in his celibate life thanks to his mission. Tessa has taken her friend, Lucy, on holiday to celebrate her divorce. When Tessa and Eric meet, it is clear that they like each other, but each for their own reasons try to ignore it. But when Lucy meets Doug, a fellow Double TT agent, Tessa and Eric cave in. But the end of Tessa's holiday grows close, and are the couple ready to say goodbye to their burgeoning relationship?

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I absolutely loved the Time Travel concept, along with the idea of Eves. Slightly unusually for a book though there was an appendix which explained everything about the Double TT agency that was known, which made it a lot clearer. But there was enough given throughout the text for a quite good understanding of how it works. Though some of the necessary paradoxes (which aren't paradoxes according to this!) are a little mind boggling!

I was really glad as well that 10 days didn't turn into love. It took a lot longer than that for the characters to fall in love, which was good as really quick romances have a tendency to annoy me. Well they had sex quickly, but I suppose it depends how you view sex and romance, I think they're separate which is why this worked for me.

I enjoyed this book, and if there is more from the Double TT agency coming, then I certainly want to check it out!