Saturday, 22 March 2014

Book: Sworn to Secrecy by Terah Edun

I received a copy of Sworn to Secrecy from Netgalley in exchange for my review.

Ciardis Weathervane has just been reunited with her mother and brother for the first time in her life. But on the entrance back into court the Emperor threatens her with the deaths of her family if she doesn't discover the plots of the Princess Heir. Determined to discover the secrets, and keep them from the people around her, Ciardis is still relieved when the Prince Heir Sebastian turns up and starts to help them. But the deomani Prince Thanar has other plans involving Ciardis, and she ends up walking a tight rope between the two Princes.

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To truly appreciate and understand Sworn to Secrecy, you should read books 1-3 first (Sworn to Raise, Sworn to Transfer and Sworn to Conflict). I've reviewed all three previously and love this series!

The progression of my feelings throughout this book: damn secrets...oh finally answers...THAT KISS!!!!...Ciardis you're an idiot...Sebastian you're an idiot...Finally, there's some hope for you! (For clarification none of those feelings are actually bad, instead they make up a fantastic and believable plot line...well if magic was real that is!)

So, actually to start articulating those feelings properly. Things changed in the last book between Ciardis and Sebastian, when their relationship went from one of friends to one that could have the potential for much more. Sworn to Secrecy carries on from that (hence the 'that kiss' comment above) and has one of the sweetest scenes I think I've ever read between none established couples between the two of them. But they're also hitting a few road blocks that they weren't before, particularly surrounding jealousy.

Thanar is the cause of that jealousy, but for reasons completely unrelated I just don't like him, probably because his motives aren't completely clear and that's not a good thing in my mind. Which means that though some mysteries are solved in this book, most notable what happened the night Lillian Weathervane fled from Court, yet more have been added.

I thought it was interesting how the Princess Heir is still having an affect on the empire (despite the fact that she died back in book 1), and I spent a good portion of this book trying to figure out what her plan is/was. I have a possibility but I'm pretty uncertain about it so wouldn't voice it! I love it when books keep me guessing though, its those twists and turns that I read for. And I definitely got a few surprises in Sworn to Secrecy!

And I'm already excited for book 5, Sworn to Defiance, which is out in April!