Sunday, 2 March 2014

Book: Sweet in Love by Nadia Lee

I received an advanced copy of Sweet in Love in exchange for my review.

Brooke and Pete kissed once, 8 years ago, and Pete has been unable to forget his big sister's best friend ever since. But a lot can change in 8 years, and Pete hopes that the man he has grown up into, someone successful with enough money to support her. Though Brooke is happy with her job as Amandine's assistant, it isn't her dream in life, but no one has pushed her to fulfill that...until Pete. Can Brooke get over the idea that Pete is her best friend's younger brother, or is their relationship doomed from the start?

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Let me just start by saying that this book is a novella in the Hearts on the Line series (and comes after Redemption in Love) and has a slightly different tone from the other books in the series so far. Whereas the other lead characters have had quite dramatic personal issues to work through, Brooke and Pete's love story was more of the fluffy always going to end well kind, and I think that that was what was needed after the first three books (and before Catherine's story!)

I liked the way that this story was set up before the start of the book in Redemption in Love in the way that Pete was thinking about Brooke, and that this gave some closure to the relationship. You also got far more of a look into Gavin and Amandine post story than any of the other characters (though you do see Alex & Natalie in book 2, and Ethan in book 3, they have less of a role than Amandine and Gavin did in Brooke and Pete's story).

I'm loving the interlinked stories that Hearts on the Line is providing, and am nowhere near ready for the series to end!