Thursday, 6 March 2014

Book: Spark by Alicia Michaels

I received a copy of Spark, book 4 of The Bionics in exchange for my review.

With Gage gone, Blythe's emotions were supposed to have settled down, except that they haven't. To make things worse, Dax has become distant from her and has seemingly moved on, Olivia is left traumatised and Jennica is even less approachable than before. But the Rejects are making a bigger stand than before, and not only do Blythe and her team have to defeat the violent resistance, but they need to convince the world that the Bionics and the Rejects are not the same.

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 I have been looking forward to reading Spark since I finished reading Secrets and it is safe to say that I was not disappointed! This book has really shown that Blythe is a very capable girl, and doesn't need a man to help her through things (though having one would be nice!) I will admit to being slightly romantic and hoping constantly that Gage would show up and that Blythe would realise how much she missed him, but even when that didn't happen I still found that the story was fantastic.

I really liked the way that the resistance in Spark is sticking to their guns about the none fatal violence. Though they are realistic about it, the rule being that if it was you or them then use it, but if not don't kill. It makes this book different from others that I have read that they stuck to it. But the book is still action packed!

There was a lot of development from Blythe as well, not just in her emotional maturity, which has most certainly increased, but also in her role as a leader. Particularly with Jennica going a little over emotional about her abortion (and rightly so I may add, not many people could be blaisé about something like that) she really steps up, particularly at the ending.

I'm really excited already to see what happens in the next book, it isn't even out yet but still!