Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Book: School of Shadows by C W Schutter

I received a copy of School of Shadows from the Goodreads First Reads program in exchange for my review.

Destiny has always been a little different, but after the death of her mother she becomes even more so. Now invited to attend an exclusive school she meets other people who are just as different as she is, but none have caught her eye as much as Liam. Liam has grown up believing that no one has ever loved him, and has been trained to follow a darker path. His latest mission is to secure Destiny by making her fall for him, and yet managing to keep her a virgin so that she can be used in his uncle's quest towards immortality. What neither of them suspect is that they were actually childhood sweethearts, well kind of...

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Overall I really enjoyed School of Shadows, there was action, romance, paranormal stuff, mythology and adventure, all woven together in a way that made the story seem complete, and if one of those things had been missing that it wouldn't have been the same.

There were also some very complicated characters, take Liam for example. At certain points I just wanted to yell at him to get with the program because he obviously wanted to be good, he just didn't seem to be able to take that step (and honestly all along I was kind of hoping that Destiny would be that step), but there were also reasons for him feeling the way he did, and his childhood memories did seem particularly traumatic. He wasn't what you would class as a redeemed hero because he didn't actually change sides, but rather he was on the 'bad side' but had good moments.

There were a couple of things that frustrated me a little bit with the book, though I think that they are pretty minor compared to how much I enjoyed reading it. The first was the focus on how hot everyone suddenly got when they lost a bit of weight, I mean yes they may have looked better but it didn't have to be mentioned so much. Though saying that, at about two thirds of the way through that did seem to disappear which was good!

The other thing was that occasionally I found myself getting a bit lost in the mythology, though it was really interesting and I do want to know more, it was just when the characters were being told rather than figuring it out that it didn't flow quite so well.

I enjoyed it though, there was a wide range of characters and the element of adventure that I enjoy reading, I'm looking forward to there being more from this series!