Thursday, 20 March 2014

Book: Red by Jennifer Anne Davis

I received a copy of Red, book 2 in the True Reign series, in exchange for my review.

Having been sentenced to die and taken to the hangman's block, Rema has given up hope for her life, but Darmik is certain that a rescue attempt will be made, and that Rema knows her true identity as the rightful heir to the throne. Right on time the rescue party arrives, leaving Darmik confused as to his feelings about Rema. While she has been carried off to the rebel base camp. and kept completely in the dark, Darmik is ordered by his father, with the encouragement of his older brother, to hunt Rema down and bring her back. Darmik's personal feelings may be clouding his judgement, but when he starts to take into account how the kingdom is looking, he can't help but choose a path.

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Firstly I wouldn't suggest reading Red unless you have read book one, The Key (you can access my review of The Key on the Reviews by Genre/A-Z Reviews Pages). There is a lot of political maneuvering in book 2 that is based on the events of book 2, not to mention the amount of confusion over feelings, and pining, that Darmik and Rema seem to have for each other.

The Key had such a dramatic ending that I wanted to read Red straight away, and this book was no different, I now desperately want to read book 3 (entitled War on Goodreads) but have to wait until May for it to come out! Most of the time I don't really like cliff hangers, but in the case of these two books they really work, because it is a natural break in the storyline, and a new chapter in the characters lives.

I was surprised a couple of times by the book (and a couple of times things happened that I thought would, but was exceedingly happy when they did happen), mainly the fact that I presumed Rema would be told who she was straight away, which wasn't the case at all. Another surprise I had was finding out who Neco's mystery lady was, did not see that one coming in the slightest!

There wasn't as much of Lennek's cruelty in this book, mainly because neither Rema nor Darmik were around him as much as in The Key, though he did come across as just as ruthless, and quite a bit more conniving, which was quite a different side to what he showed in The Key (which was basically childish one upmanship). He is a very easy character to hate, and sometimes that is a good thing, and I must admit I do enjoy hating him!

A major difference from the previous book was the amount of romance involved. In book 1 to say things were complicated would be a bit of an understatement (by this read boy in love with girl who has been blackmailed into becoming engaged to his brother but then boy thinks girl knew who she was and that she had used him even though she hadn't...see complicated!). What was amazing was that most of the love story managed to happen when the couple weren't together, and yet somehow they seemed to get stronger as a couple. Pretty sure I spent most of my time reading just waiting for Darmik and Rema to see each other again! Though there was a bit in the middle where I was slightly worried there may have been a love triangle forming!

I loved this book, it is exciting, fast paced, full of surprises, and romantic, what more could you want! Plus Rema is a strong female character, and I can't help but love those!