Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Book: Pieces of You by Cassia Leo

I received a copy of Pieces of You, book 2 of the Shattered Hearts series, from Netgalley in exchange for my review. Pieces of You shouldn't be read without reading Relentless first.

Having had her darkest secret revealed to her ex, rock-star Chris Knight, Claire and Adam's relationship has taken on more strain. With Claire back at school, and Adam heading out to Hawaii on a business contract, Adam is left wondering about what the best thing for Claire actually is, leading him to make a mistake that could haunt him for the rest of his life. Chris is determined to win Claire back, even against her new boyfriend, Adam, and tries to remind her about what they had. With the open adoption of their daughter, Abigail, yet another strain on Claire's life, will she choose the man who saved her from her misery, or her firstl love.

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I've been trying to come up with a way to describe my feelings about this book. All I can come up with is heartbroken. For the first time ever I found that I had to put a book down for a bit because I was getting over emotional (for anyone who has read the book the scene in question was Adam and Claire's 1am phone call). Despite the fact that the book destroyed me emotionally it is perfectly written. The emotions are so raw, and the situations and characters are so believable that you really can't help but fall into the story.

As is always the case with love triangles, even if I don't mean to, I can't help but pick a team. In this case I am, and have been throughout the whole book, for Team Adam. Not too sure why because they are both great guys really, but Adam is the one that clinches it for me. Maybe it is because even when he made his worst decision he made it with Claire in mind as opposed to himself or his career. And his gesture at the end, despite what had happened, was unbelievably sweet.

One of the aspects that made this book so emotional was Abigail. Abigail herself is a bit of a spoiler for book 1 (Relentless) but she is Claire and Chris' daughter that Claire gave up for adoption without even telling Chris of her existence. Now that Chris does know he has been pushing for an open adoption with the parents, and the turmoil and emotions that this causes, along with seeing their daughter, is so moving that there is no way anyone couldn't be moved.

This book very nearly had me in tears. Its so emotional, and yet if you like the genre then you definitely should read it.