Monday, 24 March 2014

Book: Cursed by Cupid by Wendy Sparrow

I received a copy pf Cursed by Cupid from Netgalley in exchange for my review.

Three years ago Tilly didn't send on a chain letter, and now she believes she is cursed. In those three years she has never had a second date and is always unbelievably clumsy around single men. When her karate instructer sets her up with Cody, he doesn't expect her to punch him in the face (she thought he would block her), and she doesn't expect their valentine's day date to be a go. After having received her competition badge saying 'Titty' rather than 'Tilly' she goes to the embroidery shop and meets Bryant, who doesn't seem to worry about whether or not Tilly is cursed and wants her anyway.

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This was a short and fun read, and that was precisely what I was after when I picked up Cursed by Cupid. Its also a really cute love story that doesn't involve love at first sight or the characters jumping into bed, instead it was just normal people going on normal dates, except in Tilly's case with really bad luck.

I liked the way that the author played on the chain letters that were all the rage a few years back, how if you didn't forward it on then you would be cursed, but at the same time the author, through Tilly, did put across the idea that some such curses could simply be self fulfilling.

And Bryant...well lets just say I want one! He was adorable, all the things he did for Tilly because she believed in the curse and he thought she was worth it, far more romantic than any sword fighting hero any day! Plus the move with the patches...definitely cute!