Monday, 3 March 2014

Book: Chase You to the Sun by Jocelyn Han

I received a copy of Chase You to the Sun in exchange for my review.

All Lana has ever really wanted was her independence, and that has only been granted with the use of a pseudonym. Her father is one of the richest of the Russian elite and if captured Lana's ransom would be worth a fortune. Despite all of the odds, Lana is taken captive by the dashingly handsome British pirate, Bruce, who despite his outward appearance, might not actually be as cold and uncaring as he likes people to believe. Even knowing that they shouldn't care for each other at all, and that they should hate each other, neither of them can deny the attraction between them. Nor can they deny the feelings that come with acting on the attraction.

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 I think that Chase You to the Sun is my favourite installment of Stardust (I want to add a so far on to that, because I really hope that there is more coming from this series.) I thought that the romance took on a very different tone from that of Nick and Ava in book 1 (Fly You to the Moon), or Victoria and Alen in book 2 (Make You See Stars). This was probably to do with the darker side of Bruce (which isn't a very threatening name I may add, and kind of softens the character up from the off set) and the fact that the romance between him and Lana broke through his outer shell and showed who he really was.

Lana herself was probably the most naive of the three heroines in the series, but she did a lot of growing in the book (probably another reason why this is my favourite so far!) particularly when she found out some uncomfortable truths about her family, and about the Elite.

At the same time as Lana's naivety being torn apart and Bruce's softer side being revealed, there was something undeniably sweet about their relationship, particularly when they begin to open up to each other, though they are also the most physically open of the couples, leading to scenes that aren't suitable for younger readers. Though as I mentioned with the other two books, sex is not the focus of these stories.

This book also had more politics in it than the last two did. Whereas before we'd just seen the Elite vs Commoner divides, this book highlighted that there were many more divides than that, and that the economy and system were actually very fragile (and outdated I might add, though the story wouldn't work otherwise!)

You also got a catch up on the other couples, particularly with Victoria and Alen, but you did also get to find out what happened to Ava and Nick. I really hope that there is more from this series, the stories just keep drawing me in and they're truly getting better and better!