Sunday, 30 March 2014

Book: Awakening by Elene Sallinger

I received a copy of Awakening from Netgalley in exchange for my review.

It has been a year since Claire broke up with her longterm boyfriend, and she is finally ready to re enter the world. She starts this by going to a book club run in the shop owned by the sexy and slightly off handish, Evan. Since his wife died, Evan hasn't found another woman attractive until Claire enters his book shop and he feels something stir inside him. One thing Claire has always wondered was why she tried to provoke Charlie into beating her, and that leads her into reading a selection of Evan's erotic fiction. She quickly finds herself drawn to books depicting submissive tendencies and has to question whether that says something about herself as well.

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This is one of those deceiving books that looks and sounds as if it is going to be pure sex, but actually turns out to be far more than that (which is why I read some books from this genre anyway, in search of the story gems!) Saying that, there are sex scenes in Awakening, but they don't comprise the whole of the story.

But, and this is probably a warning that should be considered, there are potential parts of Awakening that some people could find distressing, due to Claire's abusive relationship, her childhood, and the grief that Evan feels over the death of his wife. Honestly, I thought that it was these details that added to the story and made it that step above!

Something I particularly liked was the way in which Evan was trying to improve Claire's self image, a problem which most women probably suffer from. But this was also due to the fact that you got to read how Claire didn't like her body herself and was insecure.

An interesting read, with far more to it than the cover and the blurb suggest.