Friday, 7 March 2014

Blog Tour: Loving in Time by A E Kirk

I received a copy of Loving in Time in exchange for my review.

Helen thought she was just a normal girl, until seven mysterious boys showed up in her life, triggering her memories of being Helen of Sparta. As Helen learns more about her past life, and about her lives and loves, she realises that she must make a difficult decision. She has to choose whether to return to the time of the Trojan war and break the cycle that has the boys continually searching for Helen throughout time, or she can reject them once more. But things are never simple and Helen's soul and heart are pulling her in different directions. Troy is her soulmate, the person her soul yearns for, and yet she has feelings for Gus that she doesn't feel for anyone else...even Troy.

 Firstly I would like to just say that the cover for Loving in Time is stunning, not too sure it is what I would pick to represent the story, but it certainly catches the eye.

I loved the way that Loving in Time took Greek mythology and twisted it so that it was something new, there were definite differences between the Iliad and the story in this case. The most notable being that Troy was a person not a place, and the role of Paris in the whole thing was very different.

I also thought that it was really interesting the comparison that was shown between soul mates and love. I'll admit that despite knowing from pretty early on that Troy was Helen's soul mate, I found myself actually routing for Helen and Gus to end up together.

This was certainly interesting, and a different take on the story that many know, but well worth a look at.

About the Author:

Abi Kirk is a writer of sorts. Mostly she writes about fantasy or science-fiction for young adults and or horror for adults. After teaching and travelling most of Asia in 2012 and early 2013, Abi now lives in Devon, UK and is constantly inspired by the views of the sloping, idyllic landscapes around her.

She got her inspiration to write this book while competing for a Writers Competition on Wattpad in 2011, and after coming in joint second, Abi was guided by her fans and readers to seek out publishers.

Her first published book, Loving In Time, can be found on and Pegasus Publishers website for those who live outside of the UK.

If you want to contact Abi and see the other things she is working on, you can visit her website  

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About the Book:

High school student Helen Xenakis is not just a teenager, she is also a Princess of Sparta. When her guards travel to her time, from the past, they take her back to the time of Trorian war, but there is someone that threatens her new regal life. Can Helen truly have her soul-mate or is her heart destined to be for someone else? And when a tragedy occurs, will she take up the mantel to do what needs to be done?

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