Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Serial: Piercing the Mundane by Zachary Bonelli

I received a copy of Piercing the Mundane, episode 9 of the Insomnium serial, in exchange for my review. 

Determined to stop Drogl, the trio head out to find the Architect,  but instead are faced with the Skeptic, and his disbelieving ways. With Nel sending Rev off with Zer in an attempt to get the two boys to connect,  Gin and Nel are left to determine a way to defeat the Skeptic. Though the homophobic views of his home planet are ingrained into him, Rev seems to delight in the attentions of Zer, though that is quickly changed when the boy says something that the skeptic believes is untrue.

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It was so good to see Rev finally coming to terms with his sexuality. Up until now he has really struggled with the prejudices ingrained upon him by his culture, and seeing Nel and Gin's attempts to convince him there is nothing wrong with him, pay off is actually rewarding for the reader.

In other relationship related things,  all Nel and Gin really made me think in this episode was that they are really cute together. I definitely want them to find a way to be together in the end! There is no rush to their relationship at all, and that is one of the things I like about it, instead there is trust and reliance.

In a slightly odd way, the rules and logic of Nowhere are actually starting to make sense to me...scary I know! Particularly the way in which the characters are exploiting the various governors' weaknesses. 
Loving this serial, and if you haven't checked out Bonelli's work yet then you must be mad!