Saturday, 1 February 2014

End of the Month Round Up (January)

Total books read this month:

Scariest bit is that I'm not even exaggerating! And even scarier is the fact that quite a few of the books (and by that I mean at least half) were pushing the 350 page count, and the others weren't far behind!

Requested Reviews

  • One Kiss by Lisa Fox
  • Awakening by Elene Sallinger
  • Piercing the Mundane by Zachary Bonelli 
  • Casualties of War by Ioana Visan
  • Projections from the Abyss by Zachary Bonelli 
  • A Timeless Love by Rainey Daye
  • Naomi Grim by Tiffany Nicole Smith
  • High Witch by Mona Hanna 
  • Failed Visions by Zachary Bonelli 
  • Wedding Bells Times Four by Trinity Blacio
  • The Hookup List by Dakota Madison
  • Awake by Zachary Bonelli 
  • Cursed by Cupid by Wendy Sparrow
  • Kissed by Kim Knox
  • School of Shadows by C W Schutter
  • Redemption in Love by Nadia Lee

Blog Tours

Other books: 
  • Cinderella is Evil by Jamie Campbell
  • Blue Rose by Sarah Daltry