Friday, 21 February 2014

Book: Time or Money by Carly Fall

I received a copy of Time or Money in exchange for my review.

Mason and Bridget's marriage is in danger of falling apart. With both of them working long hours, neither of them seem to have the time to spend with one another. Now being Valentine's Day, Mason knows that it is do or die for their relationship, and Bridget decides that if he doesn't remember her favourite holiday of the year then she is going to have to ask for a divorce. But the morning of Valentine's Day causes potential problems when Bridget's fall breaks her phone.

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Time or Money is a short sweet romance about Bridget and Mason saving their marriage. It isn't really suitable for younger readers as the couple do have sex during the course of the story, though it is not erotica and isn't particularly explicit. Plus the focus of the story isn't on the sex, instead it is on the pair of them fixing their broken relationship and increasing the love between them.

The characters were already fully formed prior to the start of the story, mainly because it was short, but I thought that in this case it worked. There wasn't much referencing to the past, but again, the story was about the present, and the problems the couple face now rather than then, and so it works, with just enough detail to flesh it out without being an overload.

The main problem that the couple face is a very realistic one, the principle of is time or money more valuable to them. This is particularly the case in regards to Mason's job. This was a short and sweet romance, worth a look if that is what you want to read!